Questions Tennessee couples should ask before marriage

There are a few questions Tennesse couples should ask each other before marriage that can go a long way in preventing divorce.

Getting married is a massive milestone in a person's life, one that should be done with full awareness. Tennessee couples about to tie the knot should be sure they ask a few pointed questions of their fiance. While some questions might be difficult to ask, going through with the conversation can instill a new level of trust in the relationship and go a long way in making sure the couple stays together for as long as possible.

How do you feel about children?

While this is a question commonly asked while two people are dating, it is one worth revisiting before getting married. People change over time, and someone's response to the question might have changed since he or she started dating her or his fiance. If both couples do want to have kids, they should discuss how many and how their children will be raised.

How will we handle finances?

Finances can be another landmine for couples that can lead to arguments, one that comes with a great deal of squirming and embarrassment. Specifically, couples should ask each other about debts, whether they will have a joint account or separate accounts, how they will go about saving money and which accounts will be used for everyday purchases and which are for major expenses.

How important is religion to us?

Couples should be open and honest about their religious or spiritual views. Much like children, this is something else that can change over time for couples, making it a good idea to revisit the question before getting married. If couples have different religious backgrounds, it is best to discuss attending services, honoring religious holidays and the like. This is also a good question to tie in when asking about having children.

What are your major life goals?

Everyone has a few long-term life goals and dreams they hope to accomplish. Whether it is visiting a foreign country or opening a business, couples should know each other's desires to see how they line up with their new lives together. The answers to these questions can add an extra element of excitement to the relationship and the marriage, or they can become a point of contention if not brought up early enough.

How will we handle fights and conflicts?

Different people have different ways of dealing with arguments and reaching a solution to arguments. While couples can learn this information on their own during spats and conflicts, knowing how each other handles discord lets the couple know how to approach each other and how to reach a resolution that is fair to everyone.

The above questions can go a long way in improving a marriage, but they are not a guarantee. Tennessee couples who have issues that threaten their marriage should be sure to consult with a family law attorney who can help.