Child Custody & Visitation

Skilled Guidance From Compassionate Attorneys

One of the most positive things a family law attorney can do is help parents who are going through the process of divorce focus their attention on the needs of their children and pursue constructive resolutions to issues of child custody.

At Hartzog & Silva, based in Franklin, Tennessee, our attorneys have long experience helping clients advocate for their goals while protecting their children from any harm that may come out of the divorce process. We work with skilled counselors and other experts to discern and pursue children's best interests on behalf of their parents.

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Focusing on the Interests of the Children

Divorce is often a painful, emotionally difficult process, and sometimes, parents have a hard time stepping back and looking at issues from the perspectives of their children. When making long-term parenting arrangements, however, it is necessary to do exactly that.

The stated goal of the child custody process is to protect the best interests of the children. Our goal as your attorneys is to both represent and articulate your point of view within the context of the children's best interests.

In most cases, barring drug abuse and other exceptional situations, it is considered in the interests of children to have ongoing relationships with both parents, and this is typically accomplished by giving both parents substantial custodial rights and interests.

Pursuing Effective Parenting Plans

Child custody cases are typically resolved through the adoption of a parenting plan that divides residential time between the parents and sets the groundwork for future co-parenting, including decision-making about issues such as education and health care. One parent may or may not become the primary residential parent.

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