Child Support

At Hartzog & Silva, PLLC, in downtown Franklin, Tennessee, we help parents address issues of child support following divorce or separation. We work closely with parents to ensure the child support amount is fair and meets the needs of the child, according to Tennessee child support guidelines.

If you wish to speak to an attorney about establishing or modifying child support, please call us at 615-656-5589 or toll free at 866-461-4369.

How Is Child Support Calculated?

In Tennessee, the amount of child support to be paid is determined by a formula. This formula considers the incomes of each parent, the financial needs of the child or children involved, and more.

Although a formula is used, there are cases in which it makes sense to deviate from the calculated amount. Our attorneys can review the facts of your case and help determine an appropriate amount that works for you and ensures that your child's financial needs are met.

Can Child Support Be Changed?

Yes. There are a number of circumstances in which a child support modification may be warranted. If either parent has gone through significant life changes or if the child's financial needs have significantly changed, parents can seek a modification.

Some circumstances that may cause a parent to seek a modification of child support include:

  • Job loss or change in employment
  • Significant decrease or increase in income
  • Change in the financial needs of the child
  • Child reaches the age of 18

Talk to a lawyer if you are interested in learning more about modifications of child support. We can provide you with the information you need to make a decision that works for your family.

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