Juvenile Offenses

Helping Minors Accused of Transgressions

In Tennessee and around the country, the number of minors who are being brought before the juvenile courts to answer for alleged offenses has increased dramatically in recent years. The severity of much of the alleged conduct and the penalties associated therewith have increased as well.

In response to this situation, the juvenile defense process has changed dramatically, and it has become increasingly important for minors to be represented by attorneys. At Hartzog & Silva in Franklin, we regularly provide defense counsel to juveniles in Williamson County and throughout Middle Tennessee. Contact us to schedule a consultation.

Coping With Changes in the Juvenile Justice System

In the past, juvenile charges for relatively minor offenses such as DWI and drug possession were often handled without the involvement of an attorney. However, juvenile offenses today are a much more significant issue for the public and with the increase in juvenile offenders, we also see harsher penalties with much greater consequences for the young person involved. The engagement of skilled counsel is now crucial.

If you were charged as an adult with a crime, you would not go to court without a lawyer. Your child deserves the same level of protection and advocacy.

A juvenile conviction can affect a person's future ability to enter college, secure scholarship funding and obtain certain types of employment. Our attorneys are experienced with the juvenile justice system and devoted to considering alternatives most appropriate to each particular situation.

Making Sure Your Child's Voice Is Heard

The juvenile courts in Williamson County are among the best in Tennessee, but that does not make them immune to the general pressures placed on them by increases in the scope of juvenile offenses and public demand for these issues to be addressed.

Although the juvenile system as a whole is supposed to consider the interests of the child, a defense attorney devoted exclusively to representing that child is in the best position to discern and articulate those interests.

Our juvenile defense lawyers take a creative, proactive approach to working with children who come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Our goal is not only to minimize the potential consequences of a juvenile conviction, but also to make a positive difference in term of the child's direction. If your child is in trouble with the law, don't hesitate to contact us.